Damn, I'm OLD! BSC Just Turned 30!

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I started reading books from The Babysitters Club series when I was on my way into middle school. At that time I had no idea that they first hit the scene when I was only two years old. They seemed so relevant to my life at the time I would have never guessed. Reading these books had me convinced that I wanted to be a babysitter myself. As I started babysitting for my nieces and nephews I changed my mind, but the books were still good. Lol.

This year the very well loved series turns 30 years old. I for one am happy that the BSC books continue to be popular among young girls that love to read all over the world. Check out this interview that the author, Ann M. Martin did with the TODAY show in honor of her huge accomplishment.

15 Things Every Big Girl Is Tired Of Hearing

Ugh. Why can't I just be big, beautiful and fabulous!? I get so sick of the fat shaming and discrimination that goes on in America. The questions and comments phat girls get can be rude, confusing and down right stupid. My personal one is, "You're not THAT big." *rolls eyes*

Well, the folks over at Buzzfeed felt the pain of big girls all over and compiled this list of things that we are tired of hearing:

1. “Have you ever thought about Nutrisystem…or some other diet?”

“No I have not….STFU!”

2. “Are you wearing that?”

“Why, yes. I AM! And I look fabulous, honey!”

3. “You’re going to be huge when you’re pregnant!”

“Like….WHY would you even say that out loud?

4. “Do you even exercise?”

15 Things Every "Big" Girl Is Tired Of Hearing
“Yes. I do. And even if I didn’t, why is that any of your business?”

5. “You are too young to be so overweight.”

“Bitch, you said WHAT? Now, leave me in peace while I eat this whole ice cream sundae by myself.”

6. “If you cut your hair too short, it will make your face look bigger.”

“I ain’t worried ‘bout nothin’.”

7. “Do you have to shop at the “fat girl” stores?”

Do you shop at the “ignorant, socially awkward girl” store?

8. “I don’t believe that you ever eat healthy.”

So what if I don’t? It’s my body. WHY DO YOU CARE?

9. “Black is a good color on you. It’s slimming.”

“Who are you…the Fat Girl Fashion Police?”

10. “You were much skinnier in high school.”

“Yeah…I was. AND?”

11. “Are you pregnant?”

“Don’t you think I would tell you that?”
And if I don’t know you, how is this an OK question to ask?

12. “Is it harder for you to date because of your size?”

“Is it harder for you to date because of your stupidity?”

13. “Skinny girls can get away with that, but you can’t.”

“And why is that exactly?”

14. “Aren’t you scared your health may be at risk?”

“Whoa, there! Let me see that Ph.D., Doctor Know It All!”
My body…my business. End of discussion.

15. “Are you happy with the way you look?”

15 Things Every "Big" Girl Is Tired Of Hearing
“Yeah..I am…what’s it to ya?!?”

In conclusion…

Love yourself and shake off the haters. You are the only “you.” Don’t ever let anyone tell you any different.

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[VIDEO] The Worst Of Us

When an accidental murder is committed by one of five siblings they make a poor attempt to cover up the gruesome crime. Roz Hood, the eldest of the quintet, also a convicted felon, uses her feminine wiles to seduce Barks Daily, brother to the victim, in an effort to throw him off her sexual deviant sister's trail. But as time passes with no word from his younger brother, Barks' patience grows as thin as blood, unearthing his natural savage behavior. Adding to the burden is the family's dark past seeped in mental illness, sexual abuse and violence.

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The Dumbest Bitch In America

I thought I was done when we fought so hard that I damn near broke his nose with a Heineken bottle. Then I was sure I was finished when he had a baby on me... But then there was a second. Finally, I was through when I had to fight the mother of said kids in front of my mother's residence.

For seven years, of and on, I went through bullshit with a man that obviously was the wrong choice for me. I loved him. I felt a soul tie to him that was addicting. Well, at least those were the excuses that I used for dealing with a situation that was so ridiculous.

The truth of the matter is my self-esteem was pretty non-existent. I didn't believe that I deserved or would ever truly find a man that would love me. I told myself over and over that being miserable in life is what God wanted for me. Even when things were going their best I would find a way to self sabotage and ruin it. It wasn't until I truly left old boy alone that I realized this. I mean, I'd had some revelations before that helped me come out of depression and love myself more but breaking free showed me that I wasn't completely healed.

In October it will be on year since I left my ex. To this day I answer his calls and texts. Smh. Hence the title of this blog post. With no physical contact or seeing each other I've made a big step but now I'm asking the Lord for deliverance from ALL COMMUNICATION! My soul is still weak so I'm gonna need the man upstairs...

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My Current Read: Murderville By Ashley & JaQuavis

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My last few reads gave me the blues so I hope that this time around I actually enjoy my book of choice. I took a break from A&J books because I was tired of them recycling the same storyline. Murderville seems to be something a little bit different so I'm intrigued. This is another one that I got quite a while ago and am finally getting a chance to read. Take a peek at what this story is all about...

Two children from Sierra Leone, Liberty and A’shai, are brought together by chance only to be forced apart by the most inevitable and tragic fate. Ashley and JaQuavis bring us this classic love story set against modern life’s most horrifying realities.

Liberty is dying of a fatal heart condition, though she desperately wants to survive until her 25th birthday when her sister has promised to visit her.  A’shai blames himself for not protecting Liberty, but all Liberty asks is for A’shai to tell her a story, to help her remember what brought them to this point. He knows that this is the last story he will ever tell and the last she will ever hear.

As Liberty lies dying, A’shai walks her though their past, reliving their ill-fated journeys through the streets. Their story will take them from an arranged marriage, through Mexico’s drug cartel, child brothels, hustling in Detroit, to escaping the high-powered heads of L.A.’s underworld. But ultimately, this is a story of love and redemption that will leave you breathless from the unpredictable and mind-blowing ending.

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Rashida Reviews: The Millionaire Mistress By Tiphani Montgomery

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This is a good urban fiction classic. The storyline has romance, drugs, money, murder, and plenty of drama. I love that this book was well written and edited. I didn't really enjoy it because I realize that I've just outgrown this type of book. Still I suggest you pick it up if you haven't read it.

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