Friday, June 30, 2017

Did This Man Kill Tierra Bryant?

The Feds have officially arrested and charged Rashad Hunt with the murder of Tierra Bryant but that's all they'll say. Exactly why and how he became the man responsible for turning a two year long missing persons case into a murder case has yet to be revealed.

The city of Cleveland fell in love with the pretty girl and her beautiful smile. When Tierra Bryant went missing in March of 2015, we all did our best to find out where she was and bring her home. Flyers were posted everywhere and to this day posts about the missing 21 year old are shared all over social media.

Tierra was last seen in Middleburg Heights, Ohio near a Motel 6 she was traveling to with Hunt, who also goes by the name "Shawn". While traveling with him she texted a friend, "ok we still on our way to the room he being weird" then shortly after Tierra asked  her friend to come get her. When her friend got there Tierra never came out and she stopped answering her phone and responding to text messages. The next morning, Tierra's friend filed a missing persons report explaining the situation and how worried she was.

In May of 2015 an affidavit from Middleburg Heights Police gives some clues into why Rashad Hunt was a person of interest in Tierra's disappearance. When police spoke with him the day after Tierra went missing Hunt acted nervous and his alibi came into question. It was also noted that his clothes were covered in mud "from head to toe" and witnesses saw him burning something in a 55-gallon drum. When police checked his car the found evidence of bleach being used in a possible clean up.
Still, Tierra Bryant's family kept the faith that she would be found alive. Police refused to call Hunt a "suspect" and there were still no traces of her, which gave them hope.

Fast forward to current day, and that hope is now gone. Rashad Hunt was snatched up in California and brought straight back to Ohio. Investigators spent three days in Elyria with Hunt searching for Tierra's remains. This is all according to reports, the Feds still won't acknowledge any of this even with video footage of the search now made public.

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